▶Guaranteed Quick Delivery -

Guaranteed Quick Delivery is available on products that a "Want it delivered"... Message that displays a delivery option and shipping option on the detail page . This date is soonest that we could deliver it to you,if ordered within the time displayed. In any case, if we did miss our delivery promise, we will refund the delivery costs

▶Delivery Charges --

Delivery Charges varies with each seller. It includes free shipping & Variable shipping.

  • 🔹Free Shipping - Your shipping will be free if you purchase products more than 500 rupees across India.
  • 🔹shipping - Shipping charges rate 50 will be applicable on orders amounting below than 500.

▶Shipping Restrictions -

- Certain Restrictions Prevent us from shipping certain products to all locations. If we are unable to ship your product to your address, that you have selected, so to determine your location we use a 1-click default delivery address that you used while signing your account. Otherwise we will use your IP address/Phone number to contact with you.

▶Delivery of your Product in Business Days

some courier partners don't work on Saturday & Sunday, and this is factored, your product delivery may be extended by one day.

▶Does MereGharTak include any hidden costs?

You have probably noticed varying estimated delivery times for sellers of the product you are interested in. Delivery times are influenced by product availability, geographic location of the Seller, your shipping destination and the courier partner's time-to-deliver in your location.

▶Sometime Seller doesn't ship to my area why?

This completely depends upon geographical location of the customer. There could be reasons like unavailability of courier service in your given location or legal restrictions, times when sellers reserve the right to decline delivery at certain locations.

▶Why COD is not possible in my area?

The availability of COD depends on the courier service agents in the particular location. Our courier partners have limits on the cash amount payable or delivery depending on the destination and your item must’ve exceeded the limit. Apart from these restrictions there are a number of cities where COD is provided by MereGharTak. Please do make sure you have selected the items on which cash on delivery is eligible as could be seen on the product details page.

▶Easily track your order

You can track your order easily

  • 🔹Login with your registered account on
  • 🔹Then click on my Orders.
  • Guest users can also track his/her order by filling his/her
  • Ordered id/email id We also notify via SMS

▶What do the different tags like "In Stock", "Pre Order" mean?

  • '🔹In Stock'For items listed as "In Stock", Sellers will mention the delivery time based on your location, usually in 4-5 businesses days if proper courier is available in your area. Via Postal it may take 1-2 weeks depending on your location.
  • 🔹'Preorder' Such items are ready to be released soon and you can pre-book. The item will be shipped to you as soon as it launches and will reach you in 3- 5 business days.
  • 🔹'Out of Stock' Currently the item is sold out. You can use the 'Notify Me' feature. Once item is available you will get the notification.

▶Does MereGhartak deliver internationally?

The delivery of Mereghartak items is not available internationally at the moment. By using credit/debit cards issued in India you may make your purchase from our site from anywhere in the world. Please ensure that the given delivery address is in India.