Shakha Pola and loha set Size 2-5(2 5/16")

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Technical Details

"Beautiful Shakha, Pola and Loha set of bangles with simple and gorgeous look. Designed by Kolkata artisans, can be wore in any occasion like wedding, festivals, casual & traditional ceremonies. Traditional Values: Shakha, Pola and Loha are symbols of Bengali Hindu married women. It is also widely accepted religious marriage symbol by other Hindu married women. Shakha and Pola are worn in both the hands. As per believe in Hindu Society, wearing these bards off bad omens. As per Bengali tradition, at the morning of the marriage day, the mother of the bride presents the Shakha and the Pola to the bride and she wears them."


Size 2-5(2 5/16")


Type Bangles
Work Type Shakha Pola
Material Shakha: Pure conch shell, Pola: Red corals, Loha: Iron
Standard Delivery time:
5-7 business days.