Keva Turmeric Fairness Cream

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Technical Details

This is Skin Lightening cream blended with Turmeric & Aloe Vera as base of the formulation. This lightens skin pigmentation and can be used all over the body parts as well exposed to light / outer environment. This help improve texture & given radiant glowing skin. .Its natural ingredients increases skin elasticity and help in wrinkles. Rejuvenates the skin cells & delays the sign of ageing. Possess Anti-oxidant properties & proteects the skin from further damages. Help lightening tans, sports with clear complexion.

Directions of use: Wash your face with face wash & apply the cream. Gently massage cream for 2-3 minutes. Use twice daily for better results. 

Product details

Manufactured By Keva
Product Type Herbal
Net Wt. 100 gms
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5-7 business days.