Keva Sensitivity Care Toothpaste

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Technical Details

Based on an unique formula and specially designed for Sensitive teeth care, this toothpaste will give you relief from the discomfort associated with sensitivity pain and also protect against cavities, plaque, remove bad breath to make your teeth and gums healthy. A complete sensitivity care protection toothpaste with effective oral care ingredients. The blend of Salt and Neem helps prevent pyorrhea and promote healthy teeth. 

An herbal formulation that gives you rapid and lasting relief from tooth sensitivity. It contains some ingredients, which blocks exposed dentinal tubules that are sources of teeth sensitivity. Guar gum is an excellent astringent, and helps maintain long-lasting fresh breath.

With the regular use of Keva Sensitivity Care toothpaste, gum and teeth tend to become stronger as this toothpaste has the potency tio build a strong protection coverage layer, which shields against all kinds of cavities and also helps in sensitivity.

Directions of use: 

Use sufficient amount of toothpaste & brush thoroughly at least twice a day or as directed by a dentist or physician. 

Product details

Manufactured By Keva
Product Type Herbal
Net Wt. 100gms
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