Hunbait Spices Organic Haldi-Lakadong(100gms)

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Technical Details

Benefits of Lakadong haldi:

This miraculous Turmeric which is rich orange in colour is sourced from small farmers in East Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya who follow pesticide-free traditional farming methods. Lakadong Turmeric has been awarded GI and it contains one of the world’s highest Curcumin levels of between 6 & 7.5%. 

Health Benefits:

Because of it’s very high Curcumin content, Lakadong Turmeric is an excellent antioxidant which cleans free radicals and slows down Cellular ageing. It is anti-viral & anti-inflammatory. It is the best therapy for glowing skin.


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Weight 100gms
Brand Hunbait Spices
Product Type Organic
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