Golden Grass Table Matt (Home Decor) Set of 6 pcs.

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Technical Details

"Add style to your dining area with this set of 6 dining table mats. Beautifully designed, these place mats will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Made of Golden Grass, these place mats are durable and easy to maintain as well. About Golden Grass- Golden grass (Vetiver Zizanoids) , or Kaincha, as it is known locally, derives its name from its natural golden color found in the wild in parts of costal Odisha. The grass is split and woven into beautiful mats, baskets, Table mats, Boxes, wall hangings and Hats. The durability and flexibility of these grass products are some of their special features. These articles are easy to store, clean and enviroment friendly"

Dimensions (in Inches)

Length 13
Width 12

Golden Grass Table Matt (Set of 6 pcs.)

Type Table Mat
Color Type Natural Golden
Material Golden Grass
Ideal For Home Décor
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