Counterfeit Products :

Piracy has been a burning issue for companies around the world. The latest estimate from ICC BASCAP indicates that the total global value of counterfeit and piracy could reach a staggering USD 1.7 trillion by 2015. Piracy is an important issue for companies from India, particularly because Indian companies are seeking new business opportunities in emerging markets of Africa and South Asia. However, the quantum of exports is severely hampered by rampant piracy and counterfeit, particularly in South Asia. Pirate product companies from India and neighboring countries supply counterfeit versions of exported products to these markets.

(source :PubliCon 2013. EXPORT MARKETS - September 10-11, 2013 | FICCI, Federation House, New Delhi)

Counterfeiting is the practice of manufacturing goods, often of inferior quality, and selling them under a brand name without the brand owner's authorization. Counterfeit goods are generally made from lower quality components, in an attempt to sell a cheap imitation of similar goods produced by brands consumers know and trust.

Counterfeiting is Big Business in India.

Globally, the trafficking of counterfeit goods is much larger, and growing. That growth is driven in part by CONSUMER DEMAND.

Counterfeit goods span across multiple industries including everything from apparel, accessories, music, software, medications and cigarettes, to automobile and airplane parts, consumer goods, toys, books and electronics.

Counterfeits can be found in street vendor stalls as well as legitimate-looking stores. In recent years, many stores selling counterfeits have become increasingly well organized and established so as to imitate a store selling legitimate products. Furthermore, counterfeits are now increasingly sold online creating more opportunities to dupe consumers into thinking they are buying genuine goods at discounted prices. While some websites openly market fake goods, others pass off their goods as genuine by displaying pictures of the genuine item. It is only after the consumer has received their purchase that they realize they have been tricked into buying a counterfeit

The best way to avoid purchasing counterfeit products is to deal only with reputable retailers that are officially authorized by the brand owner. Also keep in mind that if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Why MereGhartak ?

Mereghartak, directly selling Products and items with the sole brand owner's authorization through its online Portal.

All products sold on Mereghartak are new and 100% genuine products.

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This can be verified and confirmed by the customer at all times.

We have a systematic online procurement system and all orders are routed through it for our purchases from the Manufacturer.

We are constantly monitoring products that we source to detect and prevent any counterfeit products from reaching our portal and our customer and in this regard we work with Manufacturers and dealers to come up with new ways to identify counterfeits.

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