Mereghartak is a subsidiary of Machwan Communications & Research Pvt. LTD, a leading KPO founded in 2002 in India.

Over the years we have evolved and diversified our business interest.

Our latest venture is '' is an unique proposition developed on the insights we have to different industries, including handicrafts, handloom, cottage and related rural industries.

Our research and industry knowledge suggests that handicrafts, handloom, cottage products etc are either sold at a premium or are not genuine in majority of the cases.

Mereghartak aims to provide genuine traditional handmade products to the end customer at an appropriate affordable price.

It's a platform for seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for such kind of products.

In the age of full industrialization, the "Traditional Products" comes as an alternative solution, to promote smaller producers, whether of handmade or craft products.

'' is a unique platform where tradition meets the modern era in an affordable form.

Products, arts and crafts from all over the world/India which have developed with the passage of time from various needs, experiences and which are, above all, creations of love and care, will be showcased and sold to patrons at the right price.

The idea of having such a platform is our ever increasing need to look back and adopt facets from the lifestyle of our ancestors as well as with appreciating nature's creations and encouraging craftsmen, artists, weavers etc.

Products, flavors, sounds and images will bring together different cultures from all over the world, all gathered in one place for the first time and for the best price, offering a unique online shopping experience through ''

At we strive to get you the best products through our network of suppliers who produce superior quality products using traditional methods.

Also our team who scout for the best suppliers and provide a seamless supply chain, always ensure high quality and a rewarding customer experience.

Live your tradition with mereghartak!

Happy Shopping !