Automatic Aluminium Dumpy Level Machine

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Technical Details

Self-levelling function automatically aligns target lines.
Provides maximum measuring accuracy in all conditions.


Scale minimun value: 1°.

Circle graduation: 1°or 1 gon.

Sensitivity of circular bubble: 8'/2mm.

base screw: 5/8".

Instrument net weight: 3.5 kg

Dimension: Approximately 251mmx144mmx138mm


Dust proof & Water proof: IP65

Product details

Image Erect image
Magnification 32x
Field of view 1°30’
Minimum focus 0.5m
Multiplication constant 100
Additive constant 0
Compensator range ±15'
Compensator setting accuracy ±0.3"
Scale graduation range 360°
Standard Delivery time:
5-7 business days.