Mereghartak.com is engaged in offering highly sophisticated handicrafts and handloom items to the clients. Our vast range of home decorative gives a new but traditional attire to your drawing room or any other place of your home.

Mereghartak.com is a subsidiary of a leading KPO named Machwan Communications & Research Pvt. Ltd. which was founded in the country of tradition, India in the year of 2002. We have created mereghartak.com with a unique idea of providing you the best hand picked decorative items and items of daily use & gift materials which are designed and prepared by the experienced handicraft experts. We have developed our business by keeping insights to different industries, especially including handicrafts & handlooms, cottage and other rural industries. We are providing the quality products at your doorstep to protect our customers from the hassle of the market.

Through our research, we found that in majority of the cases, handicrafts and handloom or cottage products or decorative pieces being sold at very high prices are considered genuine or else it’s made to believe that it is inferior or made of material less good. We, at mereghartak.com, aim only to provide genuine traditional handmade products to our customers at affordable prices.

Mereghartak.com is a platform which provides the products of arts and crafts from the tradition from all over the country and the whole world. This is where creativity meets technology and channel that creativity into our homes and lifestyle. We provide a vast range of handmade products of the tradition of different era and on a very reasonable price. One can choose them for the decoration and use of their own or to gift someone special in their life. We provide a platform to buyers of real handicrafts and the platform to handicrafts and handloom makers and weavers, craftsman to fulfill their needs. This platform will give you seamless and enjoyable experience of shopping of handicrafts.

If your child is a book lover then you can get him/her a precious gift in the form of a nice book. Book nourishes their mind and soul. So if your child like to read books, encourage him/ her by gifting good books them from our Merilibrary. We have also an online bookstore for the technologists and the professionals to satisfy their knowledge hunger.

Our dedicated supply chain is full of enthusiasm to ensure the timely delivery of your products at your doorstep.

Be traditional and enjoy the real tradition with mereghartak.